I have a lot to thank the Spare Room Project for. Without this generous, kind-hearted initiative I’m not sure I would have been able to secure my publishing placement due to anxieties about funding the expense of moving to London for a couple of weeks. As a product of the SRP I have made several publishing connections – predominantly authors and their publicists, as it was a very kind author who let me stay with her. I have to thank the Spare Room Project in large part to the publishing role I secured at the beginning of this year. I had narrowly missed out on a couple of publishing jobs in the past that according to the interviewers was due to lack of industry experience (which I could not afford to travel down from Manchester to London to do!); the security that the SRP offered essentially enabled me to gather the relevant experience to boost my CV and impress a publishing house enough to offer me a permanent position, which I am soon to have been working in for six months! I cannot thank James Spackman and this initiative enough, and I hope to one day be able to offer a spare room of my own to a budding intern.

It’s a fantastic idea that I’m really glad I found. I was living in Edinburgh at the time, so having free accommodation for my week of work experience in London was incredibility helpful. The lady who hosted me was so lovely and welcoming, and I’m very grateful she was such a wonderful host.

Amazing experience, and made a friend for life!

I met some really lovely people. Being able to stay in London during my internship instead of commuting 3 hours a day meant I was able to really immerse myself in the publishing industry and was a lot less stressed about catching a train at a certain time. I learned a lot from my hosts and I know work in the same building as them so I see them from time to time!

Thank you for providing me with accommodation – my experience was lovely and I do occasionally contact who I lived with as they have been so nice to me and we genuinely have maintained a professional relationship between us. Living in different areas of London also helped me explore neighbourhoods to find a place for myself (which I have). All in all, 10/10.

The project gave me peace of mind and allowed me to be close to the office where I interned. It also helped me to meet new people in the industry, who were very willing to tell me more about their experiences, the industry and their companies. They were also very helpful in my research for my dissertation among other thing. All in all it was a priceless experience and I would genuinely recommend it to anyone lucky enough to get an internship.

Not only does The Spare Room Project enable aspiring publishers to get a foot in the door of what has long been a London-centric industry, but it provides a vital network of publishers through which connections can be made outside of the workplace. As a result, the experience I gained while undergoing an internship at Faber & Faber was twofold and I have been able to approach the next stage of my career with a refreshed enthusiasm for publishing as a community of dedicated and welcoming individuals.

The Project is a great initiative and definitely helped me! If I had one niggle, it would be that I only found out about the room three days before I had to be London, so after quite a bit of panicking I’d decided to commute and booked a couple of train tickets. If there could be a date set for two weeks or so before the internship as a deadline in which you’d hear back, that would be really helpful for organisation – but I understand that the admin would make that really difficult while it’s still a small project!

It was fantastic – the SRP allowed me to intern for longer than I could have afforded to on my own and provided me with a far more insightful experience (living with a publishing professional / London local was helpful beyond words).

I learnt as much from my hosts about the industry as I did during my work experience. Also, being from outside London, it was a great way to experience big city life! I’m endlessly grateful for the Spare Room Project and my hosts; I know I wouldn’t have my present job without them.

I’ve only used the Spare Room Project for a couple of days while I was volunteering at LBF 2018. However, it’s been really an incredible experience because the person that hosted me was extremely kind and welcomed me in her house with open arms. In fact, she also gave me a lot of advice for my job applications and told me about her own career path, which I found incredibly inspiring.

I really appreciate the Spare Room Project, I think it’s such a great initiative that makes internships a lot more accessible to people who don’t live in London! I have had such a positive experience with a very kind family! Nothing but positive reviews for this, please keep doing the great work you do!

I can’t thank James enough for the encouragement, support and opportunity to stay with a publishing professional. I will pay it back, and know that if it wasn’t for James, I wouldn’t be working for Penguin Books. It is so important to take away the barriers that restrict those who live outside of London. Many thanks and it has helped me on it own career path – and knowing that such scheme existed has allowed me to feel confident and not have to worry about the financial costs of staying in London. What a truly superb initiative!

I was able to get accommodation last minute via another SpareRoom student and it made my first week at the internship considerably easier

A wonderful opportunity that not only supported me during my internship but also was such an unusual way to get to know a publishing professional outside her job, share ideas and get career advice from her.

The whole experience with Spare Room was excellent. I am so appreciative of this project because it meant I could have the opportunity to do work experience in London. It gave me a good experience of living and working in London which has definitely motivated me and made me less scared to work there. Thank you so much for helping me in my career!

The Spare Room project allowed me to connect and engage with my host in the world of publishing. Their knowledge was above anything else and I truly felt welcome in their home. They were able to give me tips as well as guidance on how to get the best outcome from my internship.


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