The Spare Room Project

Opening a Door to Publishing

The London-centric reality of publishing is a major barrier to aspirant publishers from outside of the capital.

The Spare Room Project aims to help, by matching interns from outside London with publishers who can offer them a spare room. By easing accommodation costs, this enables people to take up internships that would otherwise have been financially difficult.

Many participants have also enjoyed the opportunity for informal mentoring that the scheme creates.

The Spare Room Project was set up in 2016 by James Spackman,  publisher and consultant, with the support of the Publishers Association.

“I am delighted to accommodate a bright young student in our spare room over the summer. It is little or no effort, it will be great to have somebody learning about publishing staying with us, and what a great way of opening up our London-centric trade to people coming from elsewhere.”

Andrew Franklin, founder and MD of Profile Books and first publisher to host a Spare Roomer

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