Q: I’m a publisher in London. How do I pledge a room?

A: Click here to send James a message and he’ll take it from there.

Q: Do I have to provide work experience as well?

A: NO! The aspirant publisher should arrange their own placement. Please let James know if you want to offer work experience as well, but it’s not essential.

Q: Do I have to feed them?

A: You can if you like, but there’s no obligation.

Q: I can only do particular dates, is that ok?

A: Yes, James will work with whatever you can offer.

Q: I have small children/yappy dogs/loud neighbours/live in zone 6/live on a houseboat/share with friends/only have a sofa to spare … will anyone want to come to stay??

A: So far yes! The scheme has matched up interns with hosts in all sorts of living arrangements.

Q: Is there any legal admin to do?

A: No. The Spare Room Project just introduces people and lets them make their own arrangements.

Q: Has the project worked?

A: Yes! Several SRP guests have already secured jobs in London publishing houses since interning, and staying with hosts.



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